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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Peace Corps Philippines

You may have come across this page looking for information regarding US Peace Corps service in the Philippines. We are not updating this blog any more, but feel free to browse the archive for some looks into our daily adventures as Peace Corps volunteers. Teaching in the US hasn't given us much time to write in our blog, so we have decided to leave it be.

Enjoy whatever you find. If you have questions feel free to write an email to:

scott.farver at gmail dot com.

Thanks for browsing!

Team Farver

Friday, January 01, 2010

Ringing in 2010

Happy New Year!

In recognition of all the "Best of..." lists that saturate us this time of year, Erin and I sat down last night and came up with a few lists of our own. First, a joint list of what we loved to remember from 2009. Then, each of us tried to come up with some of the best things that have happened to us in the past decade (if you haven't tried that yet, I would highly recommend it!).

Best Memories of 2009 for Team Farver
(in no particular order)
-Buying our first home
-Spring Break with the Feddi
-A visit from Scott's parents in August
-Higgins Lake, Michigan in June with family
-Getting Kaiser, our first dog
-Spending Christmas with Erin's mom
-Each of us deciding to loop with our respective classes
-The last day of school for our first full year of teaching
-American Idol dinners with Gallup friends
-The parties at Mel's (White Trash Bash, Celebrity)
-Balloon Rally 2k9 with Team Szcodronski
-Building the first part of our new fence
-Camping in McGaffey
-Cornstalk 2009

Erin's Best memories of the past decade
(in no particular order)
-Getting married (2005)
-Moving to California the first time (2004)
-Traveling in Asia (2008)
-European Family Trip (2004)
-Buying a home (2009)
-Getting Kaiser, our dog (2009)
-Alternative Break programs (during college, 2000-2004)
-Peace Corps (2006-2008)
-Becoming a Teacher (2008)
-Our family! (2000-2009)

Scott's Best memories of the past decade
(in no particular order)
-Getting married (2005)
-Moving to Bielefeld, Germany (2000)
-Living in Heidelberg, Germany (2001-2002)
-Almost everything about Peace Corps (2006-2008)
-Buying a house (2009)
-Summer Camp with Adam at QLS (2005)
-Mansville's European conquest (2002)
-Traveling Asia (2008)
-Teaching in the Dominican Republic (2004)
-Our Family! (2000-2009)

What a great year (and a great decade!)
Thanks to everyone who was a part of making our lives better.

Scott and Erin

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Good Intentions and not much else...

While we were living in the Philippines, I made it a point to write in my journal a few times every week. I also made a point to write some kind of digital update here on the blog--not just because of the tens of people interested in our lives, but so we would have some sort of record of the stories that happened.

Since finishing the Peace Corps and getting real jobs and entering real life, it seems we have time for neither journal nor updating our blog. So much has happened in the last 9 months (no, no baby), but lots of changes.

This will not be a post to recap all the things that have happened since last March (like going on a cruise with the fabulous Feddes',

Buying a house,

getting a puppy,

grieving the loss of Grandma Ruth, driving to Michigan and back, a visit from Family Farver,

both Erin and Scott moving up a grade with their respective classes...), merely an attempt to remind ourselves that we want to continue to post things here.
With a pledge towards more frequent postings

Sunday, March 01, 2009

March is upon us

Our last post was in December? Ridiculous.
I'm not sure if anyone even reads this anymore--if not, I still like to read old posts to refresh my memory of the things we've done. So if nothing else, this will serve that purpose in another year or so.

Life is good. We've had too many adventures since the last post to list in specific order so I'll make some quick statements as to the good, the bad and the ugly of the past 2 months.
-Flew home for Christmas, wonderful, snowy time with everyone
-Got to see all the grandparents during break; very fun
-Had 6 snow-days this year (we are allowed 3 without makeup...oops)
-Erin and I (and our friend Mel) received Infocus projectors for our classrooms after ROCKING a district training
-Our cats Martha Washington and Dolly Madison are fat and lazy
-Erin's foray into yoga on Monday nights rapidly developed into her skipping the actual yoga part and instead watching the Bachelor with her friends
-Scott watches the Bachelor now, too
-American Idol fever has struck Team Farver, with my hopes and dreams placed squarely on Danny's shoulders
-Scott and Erin, after nearly 3 years of no television, may be going overboard now
-Master's classes are laborious, but going more or less smoothly
-Erin met a couple at church from the Philippines. From our island (one of the 7,000+). From the major city nearest us (Iloilo City). Who went to college with Erin's closest friend and co-worker. How crazy is that?!
-On a sadder note, Scott discovered one of his students (a nine year old) is a cutter. He's doing better now with therapy, but disturbing nonetheless.
-Scott and Erin will be going on a cruise in April to celebrate their marriage. Apparently 2 years living on a tropical island in the Philippines doesn't count as a honeymoon. Scott has been notified that a cruise does, in fact, count (there's something to do with the ratio of drinks with tiny umbrellas in them. Still don't quite get it...) So, almost 4 years later, it is honeymoon time!
-Peace Corps Philippines most beloved couple, the Moutsos',(we fell to a disappointing third after a nasty incident involving Erin, the game Cranium and some terrible Cloodle drawings by her husband) visited on their move to California. Wonderful time.
-Peace Corps friend Keith came to visit and check out some of the schools in our area and the Fellowship program in hopes of moving here next year. He got sick towards the end of his visit, but still a rollicking good time was had.
-The Farvers had a fun visit from Laura, another Peace Corps friend, as well. We sent her home with a terrible cold. Excellent hosts. If you want to get sick, visit us!
-The Farvers are also amateur Spelunkers if anyone wants to Spelunk with us (can that be a verb?)

We are looking forward to March, when Mama Szcodronski will make an appearance on her way to San Diego, the winds are promised to whip us into a spring frenzy and the beginning of the fourth and final quarter of the year will come.

Take care all!

Team Farver

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snowy Days

Erin and I have become amateur meteorologists this past week. We are now quite apt at following high and low pressure systems and predicting weather based on barometric pressure fluctuations.
How, you may ask?
Let us back up a little. This week is the final week of the semester for our students and the last week before our winter break begins. We had to plan extensively for all the little projects, activities and tests which need to be squeezed in before school lets out for 2 weeks and our students forget everything from the first 2 quarters. In order to celebrate the happy thought of being finished with the first half of school, we attended a wonderful Christmas Soiree (gaudy attire a must) with much singing of videoke and making of merry. It was a wonderful way to spend a final Saturday eve in Good Ole Gallup with friends old and new.
Driving home from the party that night, however, the weather took a turn for the worse and it started snowing. Not just snowing, but BLOWING and snowing--real blizzard material. It was quite a mess. We only had to drive a few miles home, but it was slow going. Erin and I were surprised--we really had no idea how severe the weather could get down here in New Mexico. I know when I had thought of New Mexico before coming here, I had pictures of red plateaus roasting in the high desert sun while Wile E. Coyote chased Roadrunner all over. I've been a bit confused not having seen any Acme anvils, but the snow thing really threw me for a loop.
When we got home, Erin and I checked the Weather Channel and saw flashing red warnings, alerting us to severe weather in our area. Suddenly, we were not teachers or even adults anymore--at the sight of the severe weather alerts, Erin and I instantly turned into 8 year or kids hoping for a snow day on Monday. If memory serves me right, I believe there was dancing and chanting in the kitchen. All of the things we needed to accomplish before the end of the quarter vanished as thoughts of lounging in our PJs and watching cartoons all day danced in our heads. We went to bed on Saturday giddy at the prospect of a day off sometime the following week and awoke Sunday to a white-washed world of wonder. There was snow everywhere! No school! We came down hard from our high when we remembered it was only Sunday. All afternoon our meticulous planning went out the window. In its stead lay mountains of data to sift through. Weather reports flowed in from NOAA, TWC, Channel 13 Albuquerque and Facebook (needless to say there was not much weather information on Facebook, but we did spend quite some time there nonetheless). We compared expert predictions and added caveats of our own. "The Weather Channel says it should snow a half-inch by 4am on Monday, but I'm pretty sure we'll get no less than 8 feet."
Our predictions for a day of reprieve failed us as we awoke at 4am on Monday to no snow and no cancellations or even delays. We were down, but not beaten and weather was the topic of discussion in the teacher's lounge that noon. I meticulously discoursed on the precipitation percentage possibilities to my fellow teachers, careful not to use the "S" word for fear of jinxing any chance of a day off. As soon as we returned to Farver's Doppler 8 weather station after school, Erin and I were at it again--plotting potential storm courses online in hopes of being able to click and drag the menacing weather system to the southwest of us right over Gallup. We went to bed with high hopes, as Arizona was pinkish/blue on the radar and that meant precipitation coming our way--well, at least a 40% chance anyways.
I slept little Monday night, waking up every 20 minutes to peek outside or to call the school delay and closing hotline (505-721-2233). Finally at 5:30 we woke up for real and heard the beautiful voice of the random district official telling us of a 2 hour delay! His gruffy baritone resounded sweetly in our ears. We jumped for joy and the joyousness of the joy we felt joyfully going through us was magnificent. Even more so when we found out 25 minutes later there would be no school! Yippee! Back to bed! Snuggle with the cats! A day of no school! Our computer crashed (not because of the snow storm, but perhaps from overuse the night before in trying to predict the storminess) but we were invincible! Not even the 2nd mass loss of data in 2 months could put us in sour spirits. Besides, I had a whole day to fix it (which I did 1001010101101). We figured a Tuesday off of school was enough--we would be ready for school on Wednesday, but the snow that came never stopped and we awoke Wednesday to even higher drifts and not even the need for a delay--pure cancellation. Our mystery friend at the other end of the phone did not seem happy, but we were.
So we lounged, ate pizza, fixed computers and relished a 2 1/2 day work week when word of another storm came. Right now, the weather Wednesday night is not looking good and there is a possibility of lots of "S" and even another "S-day" (still don't want to jinx it). Bad news, we just found out, is that the district only has 3 snow days built in and anything over that needs to be made up at the end of the year. Bummer. I'm sure this won't seem as cool then, but it's sure great now. So great, in fact, I'm going to go watch some Ducktales with my wife right now.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Gallup Balloon Rally

This past weekend was the annual balloon rally in town. Also, our good friend Lauren from Michigan came to visit. Lauren went to CMU with us and worked in the Volunteer Center. She taught in South Korea last year and came to visit us in the Philippines during one of her breaks. She picked a great weekend to visit this time! Our graduate classes were finished for the semester so we were not too busy to hang out, plus there were over 150 balloonists in town!

We had gotten some advice from a friend in town to go to the state park (where the balloons were to lift off) early in the morning, as many balloon pilots were in desperate need of volunteers to help them crew their balloons. We got up early, drove to the park and sure enough, within 3 minutes, a pilot shanghaied us and put us to work on his balloon. For lack of better words, it was very cool--made even cooler by the fact that Erin and Lauren got to go up for a beautiful 1 hour ride while I helped the chase crew track 'em down. It was such a beautiful day and we got some great shots.

We're going back to MI for Christmas and a much needed break. While school is going well for each of us, we both need some time to recover from the first semester of teaching and going to school.

Balloonists getting ready

Erin and Scott Working

Filling it up with hot air

Erin and Lauren up in the balloon

A view from up high

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Teaching is going well so far. We both have really great days and really bad days. It's like Peace Corps all over again. Our kids continue to amaze us each day with their wit and wisdom.
Here are some pictures of the area around Gallup.